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Your Wedding Decor Checklist

Wedding decor is arguably the most fun to buy, but can quickly become wildly overwhelming. There are tons of different ideas out there, your venue will have things they do and don’t provide, your mother will be garage-sailing for you, you’ll be gathering all the hand-me-downs from people who had their wedding, you’ll see a clearance sign at target and go wild, etc. It gets to be a lot and you’ll want to create a list to keep yourself organized and on budget.

It’s best to think about your decor needs in sections - Getting ready, ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. What do you need for each of these sections and will anything get double use out of it?

There is a PDF printout at the bottom of the page to print and take with you if needed!

  • Getting Ready Areas

    • Detail shots for your photographer

    • Props for photos, robes, sparklers, champagne, sunglasses, etc.

  • Ceremony

    • Anything to direct the guests- Welcome signs, rows of lights, etc.

    • Aisle decor

    • Arch decor

    • Chair Decor

    • Runner

    • Welcome gifts, drinks, and little items (like tissues, fans, timelines, etc)

    • Unity ceremony needs

    • Ring boxes or pillows for ring bearer

    • Flower girl items like a basket, petals, etc

    • Vow books

    • Flowers:

      • Bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, etc.

  • Cocktail Hour

    • A place for those bouquets to go (double use)

    • Cocktail table centerpieces

    • Decor at the bar, like flowers or signature cocktail signs

    • Drink accessories like custom napkins, straws, stirrers, etc.

    • Games or activities, like date night cards or your guestbook

    • Food table decor if needed

    • Bathroom decor

    • Memorial table

    • High-top tables if your venue doesn’t offer

    • Lounge area needs

  • Reception

    • A tent if needed

    • Draping if needed

    • Hanging installations

    • Seating chart

    • Centerpieces

    • Chair or tablescape decor, like covers or linens, how you decorate each placing,

    • Food table decor

    • Cake/dessert decor like stands, toppers, etc

    • Sweetheart table or head table

    • Chair decor for the married couple

    • Any signs you’ll need for things - like table numbers, where the bathrooms are, explaining how to use a photobooth, menu items, etc

    • Any activities

    • Dance floor

    • Lighting needs, like uplighting or string lights, etc

    • Favors or thank you’s

    • Gift and card box

  • Random tips about decor:

    • Think about the decor needs individually AND collectively - will each piece add to the collective theme you have? Don’t go buying rose gold items because they’re cute when you have all silver theme plans

    • What can you buy in bulk?

    • See if your venue has any decor inventory

    • Research if renting is better than buying - also if DIY is more affordable

    • Come up with a storage plan on how you’re going to keep all these things, prep them for set up, and prep them for clean up. I suggest using clear bins with good labels so everyone knows what’s inside

    • Get on Facebook markets and bridal groups to take advantage of 2nd hand stuff

    • Finding a nicely decorate venue helps with the decor budget

    • Ask yourself before you buy - do you actually need this thing for your wedding?

    • Consider double-use decor items to get the most bang for your buck

Download and print the Wedding decor checklist below!

Wedding Decor Checklist
Download • 11.22MB

BONUS: If you are wondering how much to budget for decor items check out my recent blog on Budgeting for your Wedding Day- Decor!

Happy Planning!!




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