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Wedding Themes 101: Inspiration and Ideas

First things first, you do not necessarily need a wedding theme however it can help with decision-making, focusing a vision, and aligning a cohesive design when it comes to colors, decor, and stationery, it may also help highlight and honor who you are as a couple! If you are wanting or considering having a specific wedding theme here are some of my tips for selecting a theme and feel free to peruse a few of my curated Pinterest boards (at the bottom of this page) that I have made for a few of the most requested themes!

Here are some steps to help you decide on a wedding theme:

1. Consider your personal style, preferences, and memories: Think about what styles, colors, and elements you and your partner are drawn to in your everyday life or that would highlight key moments and memories for you. Throw away the pressure that you have to choose something that aligns with what Instagram has declared as the top palettes or themes for 2023/ 2024 and instead focus on choosing something that brings you and your partner joy, reflects your personality, your story, and your love for each other! Perhaps you got engaged in Disneyland and want to add Disney elements to your wedding, or your favorite movie is Finding Nemo, or your nicknames for each other come from Lord of the Rings. Either way, some of these key memories, moments, and preferences can help narrow down a theme.

2. Consider the season and location: The season and location of your wedding can also influence your theme. For example, a beach wedding might inspire a tropical or nautical theme, while a winter wedding might lend itself to a cozy, Princess Elsa (from the movie Frozen) themed wedding.

3. Consider your interests and hobbies: You may also want to take into consideration your interests and hobbies when deciding your wedding theme, as it can make it more personal and unique. For example, if you and your partner love to travel, a travel-themed wedding could be perfect or even an adventure wedding that includes some adrenaline-pumping activities. There truly is no "right or wrong".

4. Look for inspiration: I have done some leg work for you and I have put together Pinterest inspiration boards so you can start to visualize which themes may be of interest to you. Check them out below, listed in alphabetical order!

5. Hard theme or soft theme: Once you have decided on a general theme, the next step is determining if you are wanting hard theme or soft theme, or elements of each. For example, a soft theme may be pulling the colors blue and orange for table decor and florals when emulating a Finding Nemo theme, whereas a hard theme may include having Nemo and Dory figurines in coral or on the centerpieces.

Pinterest Boards:

Disney Themes:
Pixar Themes:

Other Movie themes:

Tv Show Themes:

Seasonal and Holiday Themes:
Color Themes:


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