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Grooms- Your Wedding Week Wardrobe

Pack your bags, the wedding bells will be ringing shortly! But wait... what exactly do you, as the groom need to pack for wedding week festivities? Although this will vary based on your style, the weather, location and event themes. We put together a brief list of items to consider preparing, steaming and packing. We have also included a list of considerations to help you determine your style and preferences (sometimes we dont know what we dont know!).

To start, here are some items you may need for some of your potential wedding events.

Engagement Party:

  • Typical dress code: Smart casual attire.

  • Packing List may include:

  • Tailored blazer or sports coat

  • Dress shirt

  • Chinos or dress pants

  • Casual leather shoes or dress shows

  • Optional: Pocket square, watch

Bachelor Party:

  • Typical dress code: Depending on the theme and activities, could range from casual, humorous or semi-formal.

  • Shopping List:

  • Casual shirts, t-shirts or polos

  • Jeans and casual pants

  • Comfortable shoes (sneakers or boots)

  • Accessories like sunglasses, hats, or caps and jerseys

Rehearsal Dinner:

  • Typical Dress code: Semi-formal to formal attire.

  • Shopping List:

  • Tailored suit or blazer and dress pants

  • Collared shirt

  • Dres shoes

  • (optional) Tie or bow tie

  • (optional) Accessories such as cufflinks, pocket square, watch

Wedding Ceremony:

  • Typical Dress code: Formal attire.

  • Shopping List:

  • Tailored suit or tuxedo (this will typically be coordinated with the wedding colors, groomsman, bridesmaids and wedding colors)

  • (optional) vest

  • Dress shirt

  • Tie or bow tie

  • Dress shoes

  • Formal accessories: cufflinks, tie clip, pocket square, watch, dress socks

Wedding Reception (optional):

  • Typical Dress Code: Formal attire with the potential for more relaxed options later in the evening.

  • Shopping List:

  • Same as for the wedding ceremony, with the option to change into a more comfortable outfit for dancing.

  • (optional)Casual jacket or blazer

  • Dress shirt

  • Dress pants or jeans

  • Comfortable shoes

  • OR pivot and opt for a sweatshirt or casual wear!

Post-Wedding Brunch:

  • Typical Dress code: Smart casual.

  • Shopping List:

  • Casual shirt or polo shirt

  • Chinos or casual pants

  • Casual shoes

  • Sunglasses (if outdoors)

Okay, so now you know what items to look for but how do you personalize it to you, to your events?

  1. Reflect on Your Everyday Wardrobe: Many people want to look elevated or feel a bit dressier on their wedding day however you still want to be YOU. So take a look at your existing wardrobe and identify the pieces that you feel most comfortable and confident wearing. Notice any recurring colors, patterns, or styles that resonate with you. This can provide valuable insights into your personal style preferences.

  2. Gather Inspiration: Browse through, websites (such as Generation Tux), social media platforms like Pinterest or Instagram, and even celebrity weddings to gather inspiration. Save images of outfits that catch your eye and resonate with your vision for your wedding day attire. Pay attention to details such as suit cuts, colots, accessories, and overall aesthetics. You can even plan a mini date night with your partner, look through some inspo over a cup of tea or a glass of wine.

  3. Consider the Wedding Theme and Venue: Think about the overall theme and setting of your wedding. Is it a formal affair at a luxurious venue, a rustic outdoor celebration, or an intimate beach ceremony? Your outfit should harmonize with the ambiance and reflect the vibe of the event to also ensure YOUR comfort. For example, a warm tweed suit may be too warm to wear for a beach wedding and you may want to consider an alternative.

  4. Seek Input from Your Partner: Discuss your style preferences with your partner and consider their opinions and suggestions. While it's essential to stay true to your own style, finding common ground can ensure cohesiveness between your outfits and complement the overall wedding aesthetic.

  5. Experiment with Different Options: Don't be afraid to try on various styles, colors, and fabrics to see what looks and feels best on you. Visit multiple stores and do not be afraid to ask others who may be able to offer expert guidance and help you explore different options.

  6. Incorporate Personal Touches: Infuse your personality into your outfit through subtle yet meaningful details. Consider incorporating elements that hold sentimental value, such as wearing a family heirloom, a pocket watch, customizing your attire with monograms or embroidered initials, or choosing accessories that reflect your hobbies or interests.

  7. Embrace Confidence and comfort: Ultimately, the key to personalizing your wedding outfit is confidence. Choose attire that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and authentically yourself. Remember that your wedding day is a celebration of love and commitment, and your outfit should reflect the joy and excitement of this momentous occasion.

Last but not least, do not be afraid to reuse items, buy second-hand or rent, especially pieces you may only use once or twice. These options can often be more affordable and be JUST as unique, comfortable and classy!

XO Happy Planning!




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