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What to do at a Wedding...Instead of Dancing!

If the thought of hitting the dance floor on your wedding night does not tickle your fancy, I have great news, there are other options! If you LOVE dancing, that is wonderful, and in that case, I would definitely schedule a dance portion. But we know the dance floor is not for everyone and we wanted to review some other options to help ensure the day is everything that you enjoy!

Here are some additional fun ideas that may better suit you and your partner.

1. Reception games: shoe games, wedding crossword, board games, table games, lawn games like cornhole, etc)

Your guests will have a blast whether playing a full group crossword, corn hole, board games or other table games.

2. Photo booth activities

"Say cheese!" Keep your guests entertained with a fun photo booth, with OR without props. Photo booths are always a fun crowd-pleaser. Plus, as wedding favors you can provide either printed copies of their photo or you can send everyone a file of the photos; whether a QR code on your thank you cards or simply emailed out to guests.

3. A fun guestbook that takes up some time- a phone recording, or having people paint on a group painting

There are so many fun and unique non-traditional "guest book" options that can double as fun activities for your guests to enjoy! Some examples I love include phone message guest books, video booth guest books, or a paint-by-number where everyone can contribute to a portion of the art.

4. Projector video or movie night

A cozy outdoor movie night, including blankets and snacks, surrounded by all your friends and family.... what a treat!

5. Live professional painter, sculptor, or artist

A live artist is a great way to capture the day, provide subtle entertainment, and would pair perfectly with a variety of romantic wedding themes.

6. Paint night

Everyone grab an easel, and a glass of wine (or beverage of choice) and host a wedding-themed paint night!

7. Karaoke

A mini karaoke concert is sure to bring a few laughs and a whole lot of fun.

8. Craft night

Pottery, DIY herb gardens, dream catchers, or any other fun crafts may be the perfect activity for the creative couple. Every guest's wedding favor can be the item they have created!

9. Wine or beer tasting

Wine samples or beer flight sampling after dinner could be a replacement for dessert or an after-dinner activity. This would be a perfect fit for a winery wedding or a brewery wedding.

10. Adventure wedding- ceremony followed by skiing, skating, or hiking

This one is for the adventure junkies out there! There are many people who have rocked an adventure wedding, either on the ski hill, skating rink, hiking a mountain, in a canoe on the river, ski- diving or scuba diving. A memorable day that your guests are sure to never forget.

11. Comedian

An after-dinner comedian can ensure that the good times, laughs, and smiles continue well into the evening.

12. Magician

Although we often think of rabbits being pulled out of hats and entertainment for young kiddos, there are also some great magicians whose target audience is adults and who could be the perfect entertainment or activity for your guests.

13. Trivia night

Have your MC host a trivia competition. Teams can be table by table or you can mix it up which would be a great way to allow your guests to mix and mingle!

14. Murder mystery

Murder at the altar...imagine your guests dressed up and in character for a fun and scandalous murder mystery evening!

15. Bowling

Bowling is a fun and inclusive activity that most individuals are able to partake in, It also allows individuals to chat with a variety of different people.

16. Treasure hunt or scavenger hunt

Whether a smaller photo scavenger hunt or a larger all-out treasure hunt There are a variety of options that are memorable, fun and entertaining for your guests.

17. Fun Food stations!

Think of teppanyaki grills, made-to-order pasta dishes, sushi, or homemade on demand crepes or waffles! A fun (and delicious) wedding activity!

If you are looking for more ideas, take a peek at my Pinterest page!

No matter what activities you choose, your guests will have a great time celebrating your special day in a unique way.



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