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Walking Down the Aisle in Your Own Style: A Guide to Defying Wedding Trends

Anyone finding themselves buried under the weight of "What's Trendy" in the wedding world? Do you feel personally attacked when the wedding trend Tik Toks pop up and point out whats "in" and whats "out"? Let's chat about a few things that have kept me and my partner aligned with our vision throughout the planning process.

1. The Trend is Your Friend, Not Your Boss

Remember, trends are suggestions or ideas, but they are definitely not rules. You're the boss, the CEO, the queen or king of your wedding. Trends are like those party guests who pop in, share some laughs, and then leave. Enjoy their presence, but don't let them dictate the party!

2. Your Wedding, Your Rules

It's all about you and your partner, not about matching the Pinterest-perfect pictures. Want to ride in on unicorns? Do it. Want a bouquet of cotton candy? Sweet! It's your day, so make it as you-ique as you are. Everyone is there because they love YOU and your partner, therefore a day that matches your vibes will always be "in" regardless of if it's "so last year" according to tik tok, or social media.

3. Swap Nerves for Creativity

When you start to feel nervous about whether or not something is "in trend". Take a step back and instead use that energy to push toward creativity and consider instead asking yourself questions such as:

  • What would my partner and I enjoy?

  • Is this something my partner and I want to prioritize?

Create a mash-up of trends, or better yet, start your own trend! The wedding world is your canvas, and you are the artist, so why not paint something that’s never been seen before?

4. Ask for Opinions and Options, Not Approval

Ask for thoughts, options, and opinions. It can be hard to know what you want when you are not sure what the options even are! This is where wedding planners, friends, and family can come in handy. You can reflect on what others have done, the pros and cons of different options, AND whether you want to align with something that has been done before or feel another option will be the best bet for you and your partner. Remember the final decision is yours. It's like asking for directions and then deciding to take the scenic route instead. It's your journey, and you get to choose the path.

So, future spouses, take a deep breath, shake off the "trend tremors", and remember: your wedding should be a reflection of you and your love, not a page from a fashion magazine (unless that is you and what you want). It's time to put the 'I do' in individual and create a day that’s authentically, unapologetically, fantastically YOU!

Let the wedding bells ring in your own style!

Happy Planning!

xo The Wedding Talk Team



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