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Unique Bouquet Alternatives for Bridesmaids

Flower bouquets are a traditional and beautiful option for your bridesmaids, however, if you are looking for a more creative or unique idea I also have you covered! Keep reading for some of my favorite non-traditional bouquet alternatives!

Image from chicvintagebride

1. Vintage suitcases

A vintage suitcase suit can suit a whimsical, fairytale or travel-themed wedding. Everyone could opt for a different color in the same palette or you could match the color and opt for different sizes. Either way.... how cute!!

2. Umbrellas

*Images from and amazon

No..... not plastic rain umbrellas, I am talking about lace umbrellas, floral silk umbrellas, Pagoda Peak umbrellas. Ultimately, umbrellas with character and pizzazz!

3. Clutches or handbags

A clutch or handbag can serve as a dainty bridesmaid gift and a great bouquet alternative! Below are a few options I love.

4. Fans

Check out these handheld folding fans, or these handmade rattan fans made from palm leaves, or this feather fan, all awesome options for a hot and humid summer day.

*Image below from ivory and beau

Fun, whimsical, and cost-effective. There are many fun photo prompts to go along with pinwheels and work great for a spring or summer wedding!

6. Hoops and hoop alternatives

I have an obvious bias toward hoops.... yes I used them for my big day and LOVED IT (check out my DIY video HERE)! But I also love the idea of utilizing other shapes such as a moon, heart, or star shape to align with your personality or wedding theme!

7. Books

Perfect for the bookworm! This bouquet alternative can also double as a bridesmaid gift, a book, or book series that you love or that aligns with your wedding theme!

8. Lanterns

Lanterns on their own, filled with flowers or a candle or twinkle lights! Check out a variety of lanterns on my amazon page here!

9. Tambourines or instruments

Rock and roll theme? Boho theme? Music theme? A tambourine or instrument of choice may be a great option! Bonus, you and your wedding party could all play a tune together during the day or evening!

You can easily individualize these ornaments by filling them with baby's breath, twinkle lights, or other items.

11. Puppies and kittens

Okay, hear me out here... allergies permitting, you can opt to have your bridesmaid and groomsman walk down the aisle cuddling, carrying, or walking puppies and kittens down the aisle from a local shelter (that they approve as safe and friendly to include of course). You could also include adoption information at your reception and an option to donate to the shelter.

*Photo from New Jersey Bride

12. A sentimental item or items from your childhood

Perhaps there is a sentimental item you collected in childhood, whether a dreamcatcher collection or a fairy princess statue collection that could be a sentimental touch, especially for those that know you well or grew up with you!

Lastly, do not forget to check out my Pinterest board HERE for more ideas or my amazon storefront HERE!



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