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Tradition with a twist-mixed gender bridal parties

Here are some tips and ideas to help make your mixed gender bridal party a resounding success!

So, do the bridesmen and groomswomen get ready with the opposite gender in the same area?

That is completly up to you, and the comfort of everyone involved in your wedding party. Have an open conversation with your bridal party about their comfort level of getting ready in the same space. Offer options such as getting ready in multiple rooms, or staggered times to get ready. A space with multiple rooms (such as a large venue or a house) are great options, as both genders can spread out and get ready simultaniously.

What about getting ready attire?

It's unlikely that your bridesmen will likely want to wear silk robes as their getting ready outfits. If you want to ensure equlity amongst your bridal party, and accomodate your groomswomen as well as bridesmen, chose a neutral getting ready outfit. A PJ set (with either short or long pants) or other items such as matching sweatshirts, or tops and bottoms will help provide a getting ready outfit everyone will feel comfortable in.

What do the bridesmen do while bridesmaids are getting hair and makeup done?

You can set up an area for the bridesmen to mingle, and play games! Set up a game of corn hole, or a game of "who knows the bride best?" Feel free to even set up a game of "wedding day BINGO" and have little prizes ready to go.

Plan a fun activity for your bridal party to do after everyone has gotten ready

Whether your bridal party gets ready simultaniously, or staggered, bringing everyone together after everyone has gotten ready for a brunch, or a time for a toast, or just mingle together will help create a unified and supportive atmosphere amongst your mixed gender bridal party. This can help break down any initial barries and create a more cohesive group dynamic.

It’s also important to be mindful of any potential sensitivities that may arise during the wedding experience. Communicate with your mixed gender bridal party BEFORE the day of the wedding about any specific concerns they may have, and work together to find solutions that make everyone comfortable. By addressing these issues proactively, you can ensure that all members of your bridal party feel seen, heard, and supported!

As you begin implementing these tips and ideas, remember that unity and friendship are at the core of a successful bridal party. Now go ahead and make your mixed bridal party a success!

Feel free to email your successes at as I'd love to hear how your mixed gender bridal party wedding went.

Happy Planning!

The Wedding Talk Team

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