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Tips for Planning a Wedding in a Long Distance Engagement

Planning a wedding in and of itself can be a challenge (an exciting challenge) but if you're planning a wedding while you're in a long-distance engagement, it might feel like juggling knives while riding a unicycle! Even though it may seem like an overwhelming challenge, it's certainly not impossible. Yes, you may not have as much in-person time to plan the wedding together, but that doesn't mean that the decisions have to be left to one person or the other. We'll provide you with essential tips to help plan your perfect wedding seamlessly, even if you and your partner are miles apart.

Prioritize Communication and Collaboration

It might be challenging, but regular and open conversation about the wedding details are key! Communication is the backbone of any relationship, but it becomes even more vital when you're planning a wedding from afar. Regular updates, discussions, and decisions should be communicated clearly to avoid any misunderstandings. It's helpful to designate and set aside a few nights every week to focus on, and talk about wedding planning over FaceTime, Zoom, or whatever communication platform you and your partner utilize to communicate in your long-distance engagement.

Chose a Convenient Location

When it comes to choosing the location for your wedding, consider a place that is convenient for both of you and your families. You might want to choose a midway point, or decide based on the majority of where your guests reside. You may even chose to have the wedding where you reside or where your partner resides. It's your big day - the location should resonate with both of you!

Hire a Wedding Planner

If your wedding will be taking place in an area that isn't familiar to you, or your partner, hiring a wedding planner that is local to the area can save you so much time, and stress! A professional who knows the local wedding scene can be an immense help. They can handle vendor meetings, venue bookings, and all the logistical details that are difficult for you to manage from a distance.

Plan Visits Wisely and Utilize Technology

When possible, schedule in-person visits for the most important parts of the planning process. Due to the distance, you may not be able to visit your wedding location frequently. Therefore, it's crucial to maximize each visit. Prioritize tasks that require your in-person presence like food tasting and venue selection. If there's a venue you and your partner are considering, see if they offer virtual tours before booking an in-person tour. Also, ask vendors you're considering hiring to meet virtually with you and your significant other. This will not only save time and travel expenses, but it will allow for a greater chance that you and your partner can attend a virtual meeting at the same time with the vendor verses an in-person meeting.

Don't Forget About Personal Time

It can be easy to get caught up and hyper-focused on planning the wedding each time you visit each other, however, it's important to maintain quality time with one another throughout the planning process. It can be helpful to designate specific blocks of time when you visit each other, to not talk about the wedding at all, but rather to focus on and nurture the relationship that the two of you already have!

With the right tools and perspective, planning a wedding in a long-distance engagement can be a rewarding experience. Just think of how rewarding it will be when you and your long-distance partner finally come together to celebrate your love (and hard work) on your big day!

Happy Planning!

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