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SOS-What to Pack for your Wedding Emergency kit

Your wedding day is SNEAKING up on you... and its just around the corner. Now is probably a great time to get a Wedding Day Emergency Kit prepped and organized (ppst.. this also could make a great and useful gift for the soon-to-be-married- couple in your life).

Here is what I recommend you include!

1. Fashion Fixers:

  • Sewing Kit: In the world of weddings, wardrobe malfunctions are as common as cake. A mini sewing kit can be a lifesaver, with needles, thread, safety pins, and a couple of buttons.

  • Safety Pins: This is the number one need for all the weddings we've ever worked!

  • Fabric Tape: Ideal for those unexpected clothing tears or hems that come undone.

  • Extra Accessories: Pack a spare tie, cufflinks, hair accessories, or whatever extra piece of attire that matches your wedding ensemble.

  • Tide to go or stain remover

2. Beauty and Grooming Go-Tos:

  • Hair Spray and Bobby Pins: Keep every strand in place, regardless of how much you rock the dance floor.

  • Blotting Papers: Maintain your radiant glow by keeping oil and shine at bay.

  • Makeup for Touch-ups: Bring along the basics for a quick refresh - think lipstick, concealer, loose powder, and mascara.

  • Nail Kit: A mini nail kit with a file and clear polish can mend a chipped nail in a snap.

  • Teeth: Toothpicks or dental floss

3. Comfort Keepers:

  • Blister Plasters: New shoes may look stunning, but they can have a painful break-in period. Be prepared!

  • Mini Deodorant & Perfume/Cologne: Stay fresh throughout the day.

  • Snacks & Water: Keep your energy levels up with some granola bars, nuts, or dried fruit. And don't forget to hydrate!

4. Health Helpers:

  • First Aid Kit: Band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers are a must.

  • Allergy Medication: If you're prone to allergies, having your meds on hand is crucial.

  • Prescribed Medication: If you're on any prescribed medications, ensure you have enough for the day.

  • Ibuprofen: Never a bad idea to have around!

  • Tampons, wipes, panty liners

5. Tech Lifesavers:

  • Phone Charger: Keep your phone juiced up to capture memories, coordinate with your team, and call for any last-minute help.

  • Extra Batteries: If your camera or other devices use batteries, having extras on hand can be a lifesaver.

6. Miscellaneous Must-haves:

  • Tissues & Handkerchiefs: For happy tears, of course!

  • Wedding Day Itinerary: Keep a copy of your wedding day schedule and vendor contact information handy.

  • A Relaxation Aid: Whether it's a stress ball, your favorite calming scent, or a playlist of soothing music, consider packing something that helps you relax.

  • Veil Weights

Friendly reminders:

  • Do not forget your rings

  • Do not forget your vows

  • If changing, do not forget your reception dress

So get your emergency kit packed and dont sweat!

Happy Planning!! XO



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