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Planning an Alluring Valentine's Day Wedding: Tips and Ideas for an Unforgettable Celebration

Hosting a Valentine's Day Wedding?

Do not miss these oh-so-cute ideas!

Valentine’s Day is a romantic time of year to celebrate, and it can also be a perfect occasion for a wedding. With the right planning and decorations, you can create a romantic, whimsical, fun event that will not be easily forgotten! Here are my fav ideas and decor items for a subtle Valentine-themed wedding celebration.

1. Subtle Heart-shaped details and decor

Incorporating a few decor pieces or details can help to tie the theme together, if you want a more direct theme you can also choose a plethora of sweet heart-shaped items to flood your day! Here are a few options that I love;

2. Love potion drink special

A valentine's drink is a festive and romantic touch. You could keep it simple with a vodka cran, a sangria, or a raspberry martini, garnish with a raspberry or strawberry and you're good to go!

3. Kissing booth photo booth!

A sweet keepsake for guests.. photos from your wedding kissing booth, a photo booth! If you are not wanting to DIY, here is a rad one you can order online!

4. Love letters mailbox

How sweet is a mailbox for letters from your guests! You can decorate it with greenery and flowers or paint it with stencils! It can be a fun keepsake for after your big day too.

5. Wedding favors!

Edible wedding favors are always a hit! Bundles of chocolate kisses, cinnamon candy hearts, or sweethearts are sure to be a hit!

Lastly, check out my Pinterest board here and my amazon pages HERE for more ideas!


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