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Love on the Run! Tips for an Elopement

There can be SO many emotions around planning a wedding. The same can be true for planning an elopement!

There might be a list that goes on and on as to why you and your partner are planning an elopement. OR there might be a sole reason for the decision. Whatever it is, here are some tips to help make your elopement a sucess.

Don't feel bad, or let others talk you out of your decision

If an elopement is something you and your partner feel strongly about doing, then go for it! Sure, your friends and family may feel a little disappointed at not being able to share in your special day, but being prepared to have an open conversation with them about your decision will help you communicate your decisions clearly, and respectfully.

Logistics and paperwork

It's important to make sure you're familiar with the legalities of where you're getting married. Make sure to obtain your marriage license, book all accomodation and travel arrangements, and discuss fess and permits regarding your elopement location. It's also important to know if your marriage will be valid where you and your partner reside.

Chose your destination

When planning your elopement destination, there are a few factors to consider to make your elopment meaningful and personal.

  • Personal connection: Is there a place that holds special meaning for you as a couple? This could be where you first met, fell in love, or proposed.

  • Shared interests: Do you and your partner have any common hobbies or activities that you could incorporate into your elopement location? For example, if you love hiking, you could elope in a national park.

  • Accessability: Consider how easy it will be to travel to your chosen location. This includes factors such as distance, cost of transportation, and availability of accommodations.

  • Privacy: If you're looking for a secluded and private elopement, consider a location that is off the beaten path. However, if you're open to a more public setting, there are plenty of beautiful places to elope that are still relatively quiet.

  • Adventure: Do you and your partner love adventure? Choose a location that offers exciting activities, such as hiking, camping, or rock climbing.

  • Relaxation: If you're looking for a more relaxing elopement experience, choose a location that offers peace and quiet, such as a beach, a spa, or a cabin in the woods.

  • Cost: Be realistic about your budget and choose a location that fits your financial constraints. This includes factors such as travel costs, accommodations, permits, and vendors.

Ultimately, the best elopement location is the one that is most meaningful and special to you and your partner! Take your time, do your research, and choose a place that will allow you to create lasting memories of your special day.

Decide on your attire

Traditional wedding dress, tux, or something completely different? This is up to you and your partner, as well as the type of climate and weather your destination has. If you are planning on getting married on top of a mountain, those heels might need to be swapped for sneakers. Beach wedding attire will look completely different than someone who is planning their elopement in the snowy hills of Colorado. Have fun playing with your look and your attire to something that you feel will be comfortable, and yet memorable.

Day of elopement plan

How do you want your special day to look? Again, this is up to you and your partners style, preference and vision. Here are some ideas to think about when planning your day of elopement:

  • Photographer and videographer: If you plan on hiring a photographer and/or videographer for your special day, decide on when you want them to arrive.

  • Getting ready: Do you want to have hair and makeup done professionally, and get ready separately before the ceremony, or do you prefer to spend time with your partner? There is no right or wrong answer-whatever you and your partner feel will be most meaningful to both of you.

  • First look:

  • Ceremony: Depending on your preferences, this can be as formal, or informal as you'd like!

  • Activity: Depending on where your elopement destination is, or the type of activity (relaxing or adventerous) you and your partner want to try, this can be a fun way to celebrate your new marriage! If you're the adventerous type, hiking, white water rafting, going on a horseback ride, snorkeling or even taking a hot air balloon is sure to make for an elopement day to remember. For the couples who want to relax, going for a massage, spending time in a hot tub, spending time relaxing together, or getting a private chef to cook your "first meal as a married couple" can also be unforgetable adventures after your ceremony.

Remember to allow time in your day to take in to truly enjoy every moment, and each other.

It's time to tell the world

Now that you have officially eloped, it's time to make the announcement! There are a few ways you can go about doing this, depending on what fits your comfort level and style. You can tell your family and friends prior to the elopement, OR you can wait until after the elopement has happened to announce your big news! Again, there is no right or wrong answer, it's what works best for you and your partner.

Even with an elopement, there is still some planning, and thinking ahead required, however, remember that there are no right or wrong decisions!

Happy planning!

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