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How to POSE with your Groomsmen.

Here is some inspiration for when you need to pose with the bros:

Getting Ready.

Start the morning out right with some fun photos of the whole group getting ready. Get those shots of you putting on your jacket, show off those cool socks you all brought for the day of, or maybe make a morning-of toast.

More often than not, the groomsmen have more time to kill than the bridesmaids...

This is the time to goof off and get some photos you and your buds will post every year on their birthday.

Formals. Here are some tips:

Put your hands in your pockets, bring them together, hold your jackets, grab a buddy, etc. Just make sure you're all on the same page.

Also change up the formations. Put the groom on the end instead of the middle.

Or in the front.

Walk it out.

Pretend you're all walking away from an explosion.

Throw the Groom in the air?

Or maybe just a lift?

Utilize the staircases!

Stand in different poses like you're on the cover of some hot guy magazine!

Take shots, smoke a cigar, do the dude stuff.

Hopefully this brought you some inspiration for you and the bros on your wedding day!

If you need more tips, find me on my socials.

Lynea D'Aprix

TikTok- @lynea.daprix



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