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Curating your Wedding Playlists

Your dress is steamed and ready, the decor is hung, centerpieces in their place, everything is coming together, and then you realize... you forgot to put together a playlist for your wedding... *cue crickets*. Now, of course, it would be amazing to be able to have live music at the ceremony or a DJ at every wedding but I acknowledge that there isn't always room in the budget for this. That is why I have put together this "how-to guide" to help you and your partner. PLUS, I am putting together playlist inspo and song recommendations for each event... stay tuned they are coming soon!

How I recommend using this tool:

  1. Use the template below and your favorite music app (Spotify, apple music etc) to create your playlists. I recommend creating a unique playlist for each "event" listed. A different playlist helps keep things organized, minimizes the risk of the "wrong song" playing for the bridal processional, and minimizes the risk of a song like, "It's getting hot in here" that may be intended for the after party from popping on at an inopportune time.

  2. For longer events such as "cocktail hour" be sure to have enough songs to fill the time so that the same 5 songs are not playing 5 times over. You can use the notes section of the document to note how many songs you need. I recommend about 15 songs per hour.

  3. Download your playlists to your device.

  4. Test connecting your device to the sound system or speaker you are using. If you are using a mic connected to the system you will often have to turn the mic OFF while the music is playing to minimize the music cutting in and out or any crackling and background noise, be sure to test this and let the MC and officiant know.

  5. On the day of your event I recommend you keep the device you are using in airplane mode (we don't need the infamous iPhone ringtone blasting through the speaker's mid-vows).

  6. Have a charger handy AND a backup device (sometimes updates come at the most inopportune times).

  7. You are also welcome to add additional playlists you feel you may need for your day!

  8. Have fun and dance the night away!

Curating Your Wedding Playlists
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