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Alternatives to Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes were once at the forefront, and a staple of wedding celebrations in the past. However, more and more couples are veering away from the traditional wedding cake and exploring unique alternatives to mark their sweet endings.  

Therefore, if your goal is to present a dessert that does away with the traditional wedding cake but still provides your guests with a mouth-watering option, then this post is for you! 

Candy Table

Explore a sweeter side to your wedding celebration by ditching the conventional cake and opting for an array of delightful candies. Create a colorful and interactive candy bar that satisfies your guests' sweet tooth and adds a playful touch to your special day!

Mini Desserts

From mini-pies to mini creme brûlée, your guests can embrace the bite-sized brilliance of mini desserts.


Cookies, with or without milk aren't just for Santa! Offer your guests a variety of flavored full-size cookies, or switch it up to give them a mini-cookie stacked on top of a glass of milk.


Whether you decide to serve donuts on a traditional cake stand or utilize a donut wall, having donuts as an alternative to cake is a sure way to glaze your wedding day with fun and flavor!

S'mores Bar

Having a fire to roast fluffy marshmallows to gooey perfection between crispy graham crackers and decadent melted chocolate isn't just for camping in the summer! Use this as a hit at your wedding for an alternative to cake.

Fall Favorites

If you're planning a wedding that will be taking place during the crisp season of fall, take a look at these fall favorites as inspiration to serve as an alternative to wedding cake.

DIY Desserts

Not only will DIY desserts satisfy your guest's sweet tooth, but they can also be used as an activity to keep your guests engaged and entertained on your wedding day. From cotton candy to hot chocolate to a self-serve ice cream bar, it'll allow for more than just dessert but a shared experience that guests will talk about for years beyond your special day.


Popcorn might not be the first thing that comes to mind for a wedding dessert, but it's bursting with potential for a fun and delicious surprise. From kettle corn to butter toffee, your guest will be popping with excitement.

Whether you choose mini-desserts, candy, popcorn, or have your guests DIY their desserts, these alternatives to cake are sure to provide you and your guests with a sweet ending to your big day! Add personalized scoops, treat bags, or napkins to your dessert table for an additional personal touch!

Happy planning!

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