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9 Tips for Creating a Smooth Food Truck Flow at Your Wedding

Food trucks at weddings are no longer a new trend but a delicious addition of flavor and fun seen more frequently during weddings today. However, planning the logistics of a food truck is often something that couples neglect to think about. Ensuring a smooth operation with the food truck involves a combination of logistical planning and timing. You want your guests to smoothly navigate their way from the ceremony to the food truck and savor every bite of the delicious offerings! Here are some tips to create a well-thought-out food truck wedding experience:

 Tip #1: Truck Menu on Place Cards

Have the truck menus on their place cards so they can decide what they will want to eat ahead of time for efficiency

 Tip #2: Have a "ticket" for the Food Truck

Depending on the food truck rules/budgeting, you could make that place card act as a "ticket" for the food truck. Have the guests bring it up and hand it to them so people aren't making multiple trips if that's not allocated in the service/budget

 Tip #3: Simplicity is Best

Keep the menu options very simple

 Tip #4: The More the Merrier

Opt for more than one food truck if possible

 Tip #5: Think Ahead to Clean-Up

Make sure those trucks offer bussers/cleaners/staff to help with the clean-up

 Tip #6: Have the DJ Help Out

Give the DJ an order list of the tables to call out, and they can call tables up every10 minutes

 Tip #7: Rain Plan

Ask about a rain plan. What does the truck do if it rains, and how to accommodate guests if this happens

 Tip #8: Ask what can be Prepared Ahead

Ask the food truck what prep work they can do before the wedding to make for a smoother process

 Tip #9: Provide Activities for Guests

 Provide an activity table activity for guests to keep occupied while they wait

These nine tips will help you plan ahead, and think beyond what type of delicious food you will offer your guests!

Happy planning!

The Wedding Talk Team



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