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10 Tips for Booking a Wedding Hotel Block

Although booking a wedding block at a hotel near your venue may not be at the top of your to-do list, it's an important step to take in your wedding planning process. Accommodating out-of-town guests by booking a wedding hotel block ensures your guests have easy access to comfortable accommodations near your wedding venue. Coordinating transportation, room reservations, and guest communication becomes much easier when everyone is booked in one place. In this blog post we'll cover ten tips for you to consider when booking your wedding hotel block.

Tip #1: Call Hotels Around the Venue

Call the hotels surrounding the venue and ask to “inquire about their hotel block policies” before reserving the block of rooms.

Tip #2: Provide Options

It’s nice to give your guests options. Pick a range of pricing for your hotels if possible.

Tip #3: Give the Hotel a Minimum Number

Typically, hotels can save 10-30 rooms for you. Give them an estimate of how many you'll need to start. You can usually add on more later if need be.

Tip #4: Ask About Discounts

Ask what discount they offer for the group rate.

Tip #5: Ask How the Rate is Offered

Ask the hotel how they offer the rate. Do guests call the hotel and say they're calling for your wedding? Do they offer an online link or a code guests put in? You will put this info on your wedding website for your guests to follow instructions.

Tip #6: Inquire About a Deposit

Ask if they need a deposit. Most often, they will only need credit card info to get started.

Tip #7: Ask about the Types of Rooms

Ask what kind of rooms are available and if they have price differences.

Tip #8: Inquire about Certain Policies

Ask about pet and smoking policies

Tip #9: Ask about Extended Stay for Guests

Will your guests still get a discount if they stay longer than the allotted time? What happens if you don't book the rooms? The hotel will guide this conversation.

Tip #10: Ask about a Deadline

Ask the hotel when the deadline is for setting up and reserving the hotel block.

Booking a wedding hotel block is an investment in your guests' comfort and your own peace of mind. It streamlines the accommodation process and allows for out-of-town guests to be in a centralized location. Use the ten tips we've provided, and weigh the pros and cons against your specific wedding details and guest list to determine if a block is the right choice for you.

Happy planning!

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