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We're talkin' weddings over here.


Oh we see that RANG on ya finger!

Congratulations, lovebirds. We're rooting for you.

Here at The Wedding Talk, our mission is to provide you with all kinds of wedding-related support, education, and inspiration.


We know how overwhelming wedding planning can be - From navigating venues to hurdling family obstacles, hunting down the best deals on decor to setting up your wedding website, reviewing vendor contracts to tasting cake! It's a LOT! But it's a labor of love, and worth every bit of it to celebrate your relationship exactly how you want to (it deserves to be celebrated!).

Let's dive into who we are and what we're doing.

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Meet the Team

We're not just your planners, we're your partners. Our team of wedding experts are here for you every step of the way, from engagement to sending you off on your honeymoon.

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Inspiration. Planning. Execution.

Need Inspiration?

Wedding Decorations

Our Pinterest is HUGE and organized into easy to find categories!

Need Decor?

Wedding Table Decor

Check out our Amazon Storefront. It has all the best items in ONE place.

Need Connection?

Wedding Table Decor

Director, Lynea, has made hundreds of videos on TikTok!

Need Organization?

Wedding Table Decor

We wrote best selling planning journal: "10 Steps to Planning a Wedding"

Wedding Venue

Have you heard about our Cocktail Toppers?

Check out theweddingtalk store!

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