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THREE ways to look at your Wedding Venue

Imagine this.. you're walking into an airy backyard, a rustic barn, a summer camp full of character, or a modern hotel. Either way, you are with your soon-to-be husband or wife and are walking in to tour your wedding venue. There are three different ways, I believe, every couple should look at their venue...

Keep reading to learn what exactly I mean by this OR you can watch it all HERE!

Of course, prior to touring venues, you and your partner will have determined your budget, priorities, and theme. The next steps will be to tour your venue, and during this tour remember to look at it from a few different perspectives;

  1. Analytical

Look at your venue as it is. What do the walls look like, what do the tables, chairs, curtains, and lighting all look like? Determine locations where key moments may occur, where are common ceremony sites?photo locations? Bathrooms? Getting ready spaces? Cocktail hour? Ensure to take pictures AND videos of the space. Trust me, this will help you plan timelines and decor later!

2. Creative

Look at your venue as it COULD be. Whether you have created Pinterest boards, browsed Instagram, decided on a theme, or have NO idea where to go next. I welcome you to start to picture what the venue could look like with flowers, fabric, and other decor. If creating or bringing a vision to life is NOT your forte, this is where you can lean into your wedding planner, wedding coordinator, florist, or creative friend or family member to support you and the vision. If you are looking for additional support I do offer planning sessions and virtual consultation to help you out, check them out HERE!

3. Emotional

Look at your venue and take it all in. Make time for the emotional connection with the venue. This season of our life can often fly by, take it in, enjoy it, and remember it! This building may become an important part of your story. Take it all in. Try not to rush through all the questions or pictures, take your time. Determining your venue is a moment to celebrate, with. a dance, a kiss, or even just a moment to pause all the "to-do lists" floating around your head.

Happy planning!!!

xoxox Lynea



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