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Non-Traditional Wedding Sign Verbiage

Traditional wedding verbiage on signs can be useful, but if you really want to infuse your and your partner's personality and sense of humor into the decor, making your wedding stand out from others, then you should consider non-traditional wedding sign verbiage! The right words can set the tone for your entire wedding. Playful language creates a relaxed and fun atmosphere, while poetic wording can add a touch of romance.

Of course, unique verbiage isn't for everyone. Some couples prefer a traditional and elegant approach, and that's perfectly fine. Ultimately, the choice depends on your individual taste and desired atmosphere. But for those planning a wedding who want to offer unique signs to contribute to a more lively and engaged atmosphere, then this post is for you! In this post we'll give you some ideas of non-traditional wedding sign verbiage you may consider using for your big day.

Non-Traditional Ceremony Signs

Interjecting light humor or creating verbiage that adds a personal touch that generic signage lacks can set your ceremony up for the atmosphere you hope to achieve. Take a look at these non-traditional ceremony signs for some inspiration!

1. "It's a Forever Kind of Thing"

Personalize this with your names, or initials, the date of the wedding, and wedding location

2. "Eyes Up, Phones Down, Hearts Open. The greatest gift you can give us today is to be truly present. Please turn off all phones and cameras and enjoy this special moment with us. Thank you!"

If you plan on an unplugged ceremony, this verbiage might be perfect for you rather than the traditional "unplugged ceremony" entrance sign.

 3. "You are my today, and all of my tomorrow."

This sign adds a unique touch of verbiage to demonstrate the love you and your partner share. Personalize this with your names, initials, full date of your wedding and location of you desire!

 4. "Pick a Seat, Either Side, we're all family, once this knot is tied."

If you plan on having non-traditional seating at your ceremony, this sign might be the perfect non-traditional verbiage for you to display at your ceremony entrance!

5. "Our Love Story"

Opt for a personalized timeline of your love story! Include exact dates (rather than just the month and year) to give your unique love story an even more personalized touch.

5. "Finally. Let's make it worth the wait."

Maybe it took a while for you and your partner to get engaged, or it took a while from the engagement to the wedding. Whatever the reason for the long-anticipated celebration, your guests will find the humor and appreciate this entrance sign.

Non-Traditional Reception Signs

Like the ceremony, using non-traditional verbiage can help set the atmosphere and mood for your reception! Here are some great ideas for non-traditional verbiage that can be used for your reception.

1. "Let's get this party started"

Use this as a guide or example to alternative verbiage to welcome your guests to your reception. Personalize it with your names, initials and date if you wish!

2. "We've waited {number of} days for this. Party accordingly"

Personalize this sign with the exact number of days you have waited for your big day to happen!

3. "Welcome to our happily ever after party. We're so glad you're here!"

This is an adorable and unique way to welcome Disney-themed guests to your reception. If you're planning a Disney themed wedding, this welcome sign is a must.

4. "Assigned seats are not our style. Sit anywhere that makes you smile"

Ditching the seating chart? Use this charming verbiage to help direct your guests as to where to sit at your reception.

5. "Hello darling, you look incredible. Now go grab a drink, xo"

Upcycle a mirror and use this verbiage for guests to not only check their hair, makeup, or reapply that lipstick but to also grab a drink, and celebrate you and your signfiicant others love!

6. "The party starts here"

Depending on your and your partner's style and theme, the verbiage on this welcome sign may be the perfect way to invite guests to where your reception is happening.

Creating unique wedding welcome signs with non-traditional verbiage will add a touch of personality and infuse you and your partner's sense of humor and romance for each other based on the type of verbiage you decide. Your guests already know they're welcome to your wedding-opt for a non-traditional sign to make your day truly unforgettable for you, and them!

Happy planning!

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