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How to POSE with your Bridesmaids!

Here is a little inspo to share with your girls!!

Getting READY.

The morning on the big day is busy, but make a little time for some fun pictures. Keep the girls close to you so they can all be a part of the posed and candid getting ready moments.

If you have any special gifts like sunglasses, robes, or unique items- make sure they make the pics!

Be SILLY and have fun. The more smiles and laughter in the photos, the better.

Get those photos of your hair and makeup being done, putting your dresses on, popping champagne, etc.

Do a FIRST LOOK with your bridesmaids!

Have them all close their eyes and do a big reveal! You'll get amazing reaction shots!

Grab some fabric.

Have everyone grab a part of your dress. This works so well for when you're on your way to the ceremony - not only is it helpful, but the photos are beautiful!

Posed formals!

You will need the posed portraits, but they don't have to be boring!

It is always a good idea to angle in towards the bride, but you can play with if you're all standing straight up or leaning in. Change up your arm placements - on the hip, holding onto each other, etc.

Pick different formations! It doesn't always have to be in a straight line.

Keep your bouquets hip level, up in the air, behind you, in front of your faces, etc. And decide if you're looking at the camera, the bride, or at different people in the group!

Make a tunnel!

Line up with your hands or bouquets and let the bride run up and down for some fun action shots.

Get those cute individual ones!

Whether it's posed or candid, make sure you get a picture with each bridesmaid. Those photos will mean so much! And what a perfect pic for posting later right??

Get one with the Groom!

Feel the LOVE.

Get those hugs in, dance a lot, and support each other!

Make the time for these important photos and have FUN.

Also don't forget to make those TikToks! ;)

If you enjoyed these, find me on my socials! If I missed anything or if you have content ideas for me, let me know!

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