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How QR Codes are Rocking the Wedding World

We've all heard of QR codes, and maybe you've attended a wedding recently where QR codes were an integral part of the couple's wedding day. If you've been thinking about incorporating QR codes during your big day but aren't sure how to use them or even create them, this post is for you! We'll cover some ideas of what to use them for, why to use them, and how to create a QR code.

What to Use QR Codes for at Your Wedding

You may wonder what you should use QR codes for at your wedding. Here are a few ideas to help inspire you on what you can use QR codes for on your big day.

1. Honeymoon Fund: Guests can scan the QR code to donate money toward you and your significant others' honeymoon

2. Tips for Your Bartender: If you are having an open bar for guests to enjoy, providing a QR code for guests to tip your bartender can be a great way to incorporate a QR code on your wedding day

3. Guests can Share Photos: Guests who take candids and posed photos on their smartphone can now share these memories with you via a QR code

4. Video Guestbook: Rather than a traditional guestbook, have guests record a cute or funny video for you and your significant other to watch together and cherish for a lifetime after your big day

5. Money Dance: Have a QR code for guests to scan as an alternative to giving cash for the money dance

6. Seating Charts: Set up a QR code for guests to digitally explore your seating chart and find their reserved seats

7. Future Fund: Guests can scan a QR code to gift you and your partner money as a gift on your wedding day. This can come in handy down the road, as you can use this money to help with future purchases or use it for fun spending money on your honeymoon

8. Ceremony Program: Guests can scan a QR code to view your ceremony program and refer to it digitally

9. Bar Menu: Have guests access the bar menu on tap at your wedding using. a QR code

10. Interactive Activities: Set up a QR code for guests to play a game like the scavenger hunt pictured below

Why Use QR Codes

Not only are QR codes convenient for your guests, but there are various other benefits to using QR codes on your wedding day!

1. Enhance the Guest Experience:

QR codes can be strategically placed throughout your venue to enrich the guest experience. Place codes on cocktail tables that link to fun quizzes or trivia about your love story. You can even create a scavenger hunt using QR codes hidden around the venue, adding an element of competition and exploration.

2. Personalize & Add Interactive Touches:  

QR codes can be customized to match your wedding theme. Design them with floral patterns, geometric shapes, or your wedding monogram. Use codes to link to your love story timeline, a slideshow of pre-wedding photos, or even a guest book where friends and family can leave digital messages and well wishes. These interactive elements make your wedding more engaging and make guests feel genuinely involved in your special day.

3. Provides for a Streamline of Money and Photos:

Whether your guests scan the QR code to donate to your honeymoon fund or your future fund or provide you with the candids they took from your wedding, all the money and pictures will be organized in one convenient place.

4. Go Green and Save Some Green:

QR codes can help reduce paper use for programs, seating charts, menus, and drinks. You'll save on printing costs and paper waste, making your celebration a little kinder to the planet. Plus, you can update information online in real time, eliminating the need for last-minute reprints.

How to Create QR Codes

Using QR sounds excellent, right? But how do you create a QR code for your wedding day?

Use a QR generator: To set up a QR generator for photos, check out these websites, such as frameablemoments, guestpix, or flowcode. Flowcode is another excellent resource for creating QR seating charts as well. For wedding programs, check out creativeuniondesign. To make drink or food QR codes, check out MyQRCODE.

PRO TIP: Before officially adding your QR code to your wedding signage, test it to ensure it works!

Using QR codes on your wedding day will provide a more interactive experience for your guests to have a better time and a way for you and your significant other to keep photos and money organized in one convenient place! Using a QR code generator like the ones listed in this post can be an easy (and often free) way to help you create a variety of QR codes for your guests to scan on your wedding day.

Happy planning!

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