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Best Craft Tools for your DIY Wedding Decor

Creating DIY decor for your wedding will save you money and allow you to create personalized decor exactly how you envision it. Of course, depending on the type of decor you're going for, additional tools may be required. If you're a DIY bride or a bride considering DIY decor, then this post is for you! In this post, we'll cover the best craft tools you can use while creating your dashing DIY decor.

A lot of these tools you may already own, or already have around the house which is great! Let's start with some of the basic tools before diving into more advanced ones.

Basic DIY Tools

Pens, Pencils & Markers

Before diving into any project, pens and pencils are great for brainstorming and sketching out your vision. From table centerpieces to signage layouts, they allow you to experiment, refine, and create a visual for your decor, even before you start crafting!


Depending on the type of projects you tackle, different rulers can come in handy. A long ruler or tape measure is great for larger tasks like draping fabric or measuring table lengths, while a smaller, foldable ruler is perfect for delicate work like making paper flowers or designing table numbers.


Scissors are your go-to tool for cutting out everything from delicate paper flowers and confetti to intricate bunting and table runners. Different scissor types can add unique textures and dimension to your decor.


Paper can be transformed into anything you can imagine! You can create photo booth props, (even use it as a backdrop for your DIY photo booth) and paper flowers. Choose from a variety of textures, patterns, and colors to create a look that's entirely your own. You can also combine paper with other materials such as fabric, wood or glass to kick your decorations up a notch!


Glitter comes in all shapes and colors quite literally. Get creative with glitter accents on candles, vases, picture frames, or even escort cards. Every little bit adds to the overall ambiance and makes your decor shine. You may opt for glitter or you may not, the preference is completely up to you, and your style.

Spray Paint

It is absolutely amazing as to what a can of spray paint can do! Upcycle vintage chairs, side tables, or even picture frames with a fresh coat of spray paint. Choose colors that complement your theme or add a pop of unexpected contrast.

Hole Punch

Create banners or garlands using the help of a hole punch that will add a touch of whim to your doorways, walls or even photo booth backdrop.

Paint Brushes

Choose from flat brushes for large areas, round brushes for details, or angled brushes for corners and edges. The right brush ensures you achieve the perfect finish for every project. Paint brushes aren't limited to just paint, they can also be used for applying glue, mod podge, or even decoupage techniques. Get creative and explore different textures and materials to add dimension to your decor.

Advanced DIY Tools (aka you may have to buy these)

Craft Punches

Confetti bursts from shimmery cardstock or dried flower petals, will be a sure way to add a touch of festive elegance to tables or aisles. Have your place cards go from drab to fab with unique borders or playful motifs using decorative punches. Don't limit your craft punch usage to just paper-use foam, felt, or even thin leather.

Hot Glue Gun

Hot glue can permanently bond wood, fabric, paper, cardboard, and other materials, making it ideal for projects like assembling centerpieces, attaching embellishments, or creating intricate floral arrangements. Hot glue also dries quicker than other traditional adhesives, which can save you time and frustration!

Chalk Ink Markers

Not only can these help create stunning and personalized signage for your wedding, but compared to traditional chalk, you won't have to worry about accidentally erasing your hard work with just one swipe. Write on mirrors, glass panes, wood boards, or even create your own hanging signs with slate or chalkboard sheets. Create custom artwork on vases, candles, or even fabric table runners.

Cutting Mat

If your wedding decor requires precise measurements and straight cuts or using sharp tools like x-acto knives or craft scissors, then you may want to consider investing in a cutting mat. The gridlines on the mat help for accurate measurements and straight cuts, crucial for details like delicate fabric embellishments.

Paper Cutter

Compared to using scissors or craft knives, paper cutters are much faster and more efficient for making multiple identical cuts, saving you time and effort. Paper cutters ensure clean and professional-looking cuts on a variety of paper weights and thicknesses, which can be ideal for cardstock, invitations, menus, and fabric scraps.


Different adhesives such as alien tape, tacky glue, glue dots, tape runners or rubber cement offer a strong and invisible bond without damaging delicate materials. Depending on the type of surface or surfaces you need to stick together, different adhesives can make or break what needs to be assembled together.

SUPER Advanced DIY Tools (aka you may be a life crafter with these)

Cricuit Machine

Cut intricate shapes, fonts, and designs from a variety of materials like paper, vinyl, fabric, wood, and leather. This opens doors to personalized invitations, signage, cake toppers, centerpieces, and much more! A cricuit can help you achieve clean, professional cuts with minimal effort compared to hand-cutting or traditional tools. It can significantly speed up your crafting process as well.

High Quality Printer

Although purchasing a high quality printer may be an initial expense, it will save you money in the long run. You'll be able to print your own invitations, menus, programs, save-the-dates, and even thank-you cards. You can even add unique touches like calligraphy fonts, custom designs, or personal messages to make them truly special.

Scoring Board and Bone Folder

Creating crisp, clean folds in paper and cardstock is a key element for many décor elements like invitations, menus, place cards, boxes, and paper flowers. A scoring board ensures precise lines, and the bone folder helps fold them smoothly without creasing. This elevates the look and feels of your DIY crafts. Compared to buying pre-made folded elements, scoring and folding your own allows for personalization and saves you money in the long run.

Glowforge Aura

This laser cutter allows for precision amongst different materials like wood, acrylic, leather, fabric and even cork. This opens doors to unique invitations, signage, cake toppers, table decorations, and much more. Personalize almost every aspect of your decor, from engraving names and dates on gifts to creating intricate table numbers, chair sashes, or even wedding favors.

Depending on your unique vision, style and wedding theme, DIY decor can offer a unique personalized touch to your special day! This list of tools will get you thinking about what you have, may need, or want, to make your decor dazzling. Not only will you have fun crafting each intricate element, but it will have a more personal meaning as you infuse your creativity into each component.

Happy planning! (and crafting!)

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