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Here is our collection of thoughtfully made gifts to give to your bridal party, parents, or guests!


We're a big fan of eco-friendly and natural products, so all of these gifts have that in mind! Our body products are made with top quality ingredients, our candles are made with bees wax and essential oils, our cocktail infusion jars can be repurposed, etc!


Everything is made in small batches for the freshest product.

Gifts for your Bridal Party

  • Body Oil - a juicy oil that leaves your skin glowing. It has a light smell of orange creamsicle. Best used right out of the shower and does not leave a thick, oily residue.

    Hair Oil - this is our founder, Lynea's, favorite product! Use as a hair mask. Place all over the scalp (6-12 droplets) and rub in circles with the provided scalp scrubber. Leave in for 30 minutes-overnight and then shampoo out. Great for hair growth and a healthy scalp.

    Beard Oil - excellent for beard growth and health. Comes with a beard brush and comb. Rub a few droplets throughout your beard. Has a light masculine scent.

    Cologne - a natural cologne that smells of spice, tobacco, and musk. Has added skincare benefits.

    Lip Oil - our founder, Lynea, hand picked the crystals in each container! Red jasper has a light orange scent, Amethyst has a light lavender scent, and Obsidian has a light peppermint scent. Great for healthy lips.

    Sugar Scrub - a super rich scrub that leaves your skin exfoliated and re-hydrated. Has a light smell of tea tree and has a mix of flower petals to add healthy skin benefits. Does include coconut oil and bees wax.

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