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These edible cocktail toppers are the perfect small detail to elevate any beverage experience. Order our premade designs, check out our super fun packs, or customize your own!


Plop em on top of your drink, snap a pic, and enjoy!


For custom orders, you must have a design ready for us to print. Please note: too much ink makes for a messy drink! Text, simple designs, and/or outlines of images work best. After you place your order, we will reach out and ask for your design! Additionally - depending on your custom order, it may take up to 2-3 weeks for a turnaround time.

Edible Cocktail Toppers

  • They are made of wafer paper and edible ink - vegan, gluten, and allergen friendly. They are safe to consume and will not effect the taste of your beverage. Depending on the liquid you're using, they may dissolve or simply stretch out, but you will have plenty of time for photos! Just like any garnish, you can choose to eat it or toss it.

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