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Our packs of edible cocktail toppers come with a variety of designs! Each pack comes with 24 cocktail toppers.


- Sweet Bridesmaid Pack: the perfect pack for celebrating a bridal shower, dress fitting, or any other light bridal event.

- Spicy Bridesmaid Pack: this pack has a lil attitude, perfect for drinking with bridesmaids who drop it like it's hot and swear like a sailor.

- XXX Pack: this raunchy pack is loaded with all the dirty jokes and eggplant graphics you need for your bach party.

- Groom's Pack: this pack is great for the groom and groomsmen to have at any pre-wedding event or on the day of.

- Floral Variety Pack: this pack comes with four elegant flower designs.

- LGBTQAI+ Pack: this pack is gender neutral, comes with elevated rainbow designs, and a few silly jokes for couples celebrating their big day in a lil gay way.

Pre-Designed Packs

  • They are made of wafer paper and edible ink - vegan, gluten, and allergen friendly. They are safe to consume and will not effect the taste of your beverage. Depending on the liquid you're using, they may dissolve or simply stretch out, but you will have plenty of time for photos! Just like any garnish, you can choose to eat it or toss it.

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