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Our Truth or Dare Cocktail Toppers are such a fun activity for your parties! Get the conversations and laughter flowing with a topper on each drink.


Each pack comes with 50 individualized Truth or Dare prompts, so each guest is guaranteed to get a unique experience!


These are perfect for birthdays, family/friend gatherings, or any other kind of party you may be having. This pack is "light and fun" with the prompts, so it will mix well in any crowd.


You do not need to consume alcohol for this to be fun - you can put these on top of any beverage!


PLEASE NOTE - these are a handmade product and shipping will take roughly 1-2 weeks.

Party - Truth or Dare Toppers

  • They are made of wafer paper and edible ink - vegan, gluten, and allergen friendly. They are safe to consume and will not effect the taste of your beverage. Depending on the liquid you're using, they may dissolve or simply stretch out, but you will have plenty of time for photos! Just like any garnish, you can choose to eat it or toss it.

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