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Your Wedding Day Timeline

Welcome to a snapshot of your wedding day!

This timeline is designed to make sure that your big day runs as smoothly and stress-free as possible; from the moment you wake up to the time you leave as a newly wed...eeek!

How I recommend using this template:

1. Print out template

2. Fill in and plan out each part of your wedding day row by row or column by column

  • Time: Select the time that the corresponding task/event should START at. This will vary depending on when your ceremony starts and the time you have your venue(s) booked. Be sure to review time and timeline with vendors to ensure it is realistic and achievable, adjust as needed.

  • Task/ Event- I have highlighted key moments and tasks in the order I recommend they occur (this schedule includes a first look).

  • Location- Note where the corresponding task or event is taking place. If this task includes transportation include the start and end location.

  • Role call- Who needs to be where and/or who is responsible for the corresponding task.

  • Notes- Include any key details.

3. After editing the template to you and your partners liking be sure to send the timeline to your vendors, wedding party and print out copies for your day. Everyone having a timeline or easy access to a timeline helps to ensure everyone is on the same page. Be sure to print all 4 pages so you do not miss out on any important tasks.

BONUS *Timeline estimates for your wedding*

It can be hard to predict how much time you may need to schedule throughout the day. Therefore, at the bottom of this page, I have included time estimates for you to use to help estimate how long you should schedule for each event.

Wedding Day Timeline
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