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DO NOT wear blingy shoes on your wedding day... Wear these instead!

I've heard it time and time again while working weddings:

"Why did I wear these dang shoes??"

Rhinestone, bling, sequins... They're so pretty! But they LOVE to catch on wedding dresses.

We spend too much money on those dresses for a shoe to rip 'em down the aisle! Plan ahead and find a good, solid pair of shoes that you won't be worried about.

Here's what I'd suggest you look for:

  • Smooth surfaces/fabric

  • Good ankle support

  • and a THICK heel!

Attached are 15 options that can be found right on Amazon!

1) This is the #1 rated heel for the big day! Sturdy, cute, and won't cling to your dress!

2) Similar look, different style.

3) Would you ever consider a pop of color?

4) Same thing, smaller heel!

5) Same look, even less heel.

6) Love this elegant low heel!

7) These would be so perfect for dancing!

8) These mesh flats would be so cute AND comfortable.

9) Going more casual?

10) Are these boring you? How about a platform? Still meets all the qualifications for a good wedding shoe!

11) These don't have as much ankle support, BUT we love a good bow! And it's in the back, no stress of it catching.

12) Love the bow but not the heel?

13) If your dress is long enough, why not wear a sneaker?!

14) Wearing sneakers under a wedding gown has become more and more popular!

15) And finally! What about some loafers?? With a bridal jumpsuit? Absolutely.

I hope you found a pair you love! Don't forget to practice in them before the big day. Thanks for scrollin!

-Lynea D'Aprix



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