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6 Months To Go!

The excitement of your wedding day is just around the corner – there are only 6 months left to go! While the time may seem to be going by too quickly, you still have plenty of time to prepare for the big day. To help ensure that everything goes according to plan, we've put together a helpful checklist of what we recommend having compl6 months before your wedding day. From picking out the perfect dress to finalizing the venue, this checklist will help make sure that you keep on top of all the tasks that need to be completed. After taking a peak at the list, do not forget to pause, and celebrate, you're almost there!

How to use this tool?

Think of this checklist as a casual checkpoint or check-in.

Use it to reflect on;

-Where are you at with some of the major planning tasks?

-Are these tasks completed, in progress, or not started, or accidentally forgotten?

- Some of the tasks may be irrelevant to you, for example, if you are not planning to have a rehearsal dinner you are able to disregard that section!

Once you have gone through the list, do NOT panic, I repeat do not panic if there are a lot of categories you still have to get to. You still have plenty of time to hop to it and make a plan (and if you are looking for support with what you have left feel free to reach out!)

Happy Planning!


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